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"ARENA X" разбивает стереотипы

 M.I.K.C. при поддержке «ARENA X» разбивает стереотипы!

Кто сказал, что 13 число не счастливое!?

Возможно, спорить не будем, но только не в нашем турнире!

Магазин экипировки для картинга и автоспорта «ARENA X» предоставляет приз для команды, занявшей 13 место по итогам турнира M.I.K.C. 2012-2013:

шлем BELL GT5 Pro HANS – 1 шт;

- комбинезон для картинга FreeM – 1 шт;

- перчатки SparcoArrow 7.0 омологированные – 1 шт;

- ботинки FreeMдля картинга – 1 шт.


Магазин ARENA X специализируется на экипировке для картинга и автоспорта.

Защитная экипировка, представленная в магазине ARENA X максимально полно охватывает защиту и снаряжение, необходимое каждому спортсмену:

- шлемы и аксессуары к ним;

- защита шеи;

- комбинезоны;

- защита рёбер;

- налокотники;

- перчатки;

- наколенники;

- обувь;

- термобелье;

- сумки и рюкзаки;

- различные аксессуары.


Магазин ARENA X является официальным импортером на территорию России:

1. BELL - шлемы и аксессуары для автоспорта и картинга;

2. FreeM - экипировка для автоспорта и картинга;

3. Sparco - экипировки для автоспорта и картинга.

4. HANS Systems - системы защиты шеи.


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If you're not acquainted with bitcoin, it is a digital money that is decentralized, which means it has no main financial
institution or manager. If you're thinking of getting or offering bitcoin, check out on to
find out even more concerning the money.

Unlike typical money, Bitcoin has lots of advantages.

It is a worldwide currency that doesn't shut on weekend breaks, as well as it has no arbitrary limits or access charges.
It is additionally non-reversible, meaning that the person sending out a deal can not reverse it.

While this is a reputable benefit, it likewise develops a
greater threat for scams and also increased costs.
It deserves noting that Bitcoin is made use
of for lawful deals. It has actually been used for illicit functions, it has been outlawed
from use by federal government firms.

Similar to any type of digital currency, there are some benefits as well as downsides to using Bitcoin for transactions.

The greatest advantage is that it is very difficult to map and
is a secure way to send and obtain funds online. However, the
main downside is that it's tough to locate people who use Bitcoin for
unlawful objectives. It's still a excellent idea to utilize this cryptocurrency intelligently.
If you don't wish to shed all of your cash, you can just utilize various other methods to acquire and sell

Since Bitcoin is a globally money, it is not limited by
regional governments, boundaries, or time zones. Due to the fact that Bitcoin is confidential, it is
perfect for illicit task. While there are genuine uses of bitcoin, it's vital
to note that this digital money is not perfect.

The drawback of Bitcoin is that it's not a standardized procedure.

The reason for this is that bitcoin is not a standard system and it's not as
regulated as various other digital money. By changing the guidelines, Bitcoin can be conveniently altered.

As a digital money, Bitcoin is completely independent of the standard financial system.
Because it's confidential, Bitcoin is an superb choice for unlawful tasks.
As with all other kinds of digital currency, it is not
very easy to trace, which makes it a excellent option for crooks.

If you're not familiar with bitcoin, it is a electronic money that
is decentralized, which means it has no central bank or manager.
If you're believing of buying or marketing bitcoin, check out on to locate
out even more regarding the currency.

As with any kind of electronic money, there are
some negative aspects and also benefits to using Bitcoin for deals.
While there are genuine uses of bitcoin, it's essential to note that this
electronic currency is not best.

As a digital money, Bitcoin is totally independent of the conventional economic system.
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If you're looking to stay up-to-date with
latest developments in currency trading, you might be interested
in learning more about Bitcoin Tidings Support. The online platform for currency trading has enjoyed great successes since
its beginning only a few years ago. In fact, it has become
so popular that there are now online brokers who
cater to people who want to invest in this exciting method of trading.

This online club may be a good spot to begin if you're interested in this unique method of trading currencies.
Tidings Support members are able to join in on the many discussions.

In this article, we'll examine some of the other interesting features that you can gain from becoming an active member of this exclusive group.

One of the greatest advantages you'll receive
when you join the bitcoins group is being able to join one of its 24-hour trading hub.
It is where members meet up at predetermined times throughout
week to discuss issues related to politics or global economics as
well as business. For those looking to find out more about certain trades and investments Forum discussions can be accessed.

You can access all the latest financial news from any place you can access.

You can access all the information for free, but you'll have to pay an annual cost to become an active
member. You can make this payment online through a secured website.

This will enable you to use the complete forum and chat rooms through bitcoins.

It's user-friendly and you can find the information you need.

A section for trading offers details about investment
and trading opportunities.

The bitcoins Club provides members with the most up-to-date information on many issues.
By joining the club, you to establish important connections between the worlds of trading and
finance. The club offers its members access to a forum that gives members to gain access to information that they may not have
been in a position to access otherwise. As you might know, there are numerous kinds of investment opportunities you can pursue and participating in these discussions regularly
will help to make sure that you're in the know about latest trends.

It is important to keep up-to-date with what is happening
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Along with access to chat rooms and forums members of the Bitcoins club also have access with
a large directory. It contains a range of investment opportunitiesth at are managed by members.
The service lets you look for opportunities that meet your
needs and goals. With this option, you'll be being able to invest in currencies of several
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are looking to make investments in the direction of the performance of
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The Bitcoins club gives its members more information than what they can discover on their own. If
you use the tips and investment options shared on this
website and making better choices about the future of your finances.
Additionally you'll learn more about the various tools available for learning.
The Bitcoins club is a fantastic way to
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Unlike conventional money, bitcoin is
decentralized, implying that there is no main bank or manager.

Here are some important facts about bitcoin: First, bitcoin is a globally, peer-to-peer network-- this suggests that you
do not have to send them to anyone else.

Second, Bitcoin doesn't have a physical existence. While standard
money can be mapped, bitcoin purchases are public and
can't be relatively easy to fix by the sender.

Third, bitcoin deals do not call for any type of third-party.
If you're getting physical items, you'll only need to share your delivery address.
This suggests that there's no intermediary, which indicates that you'll
never need to deal with an uncomfortable situation with a stranger.
Lastly, Bitcoin transactions are devoid of danger. It's very
easy to deal cryptocurrencie s with minimal costs. Its appeal has grown so swiftly that it's currently approved
by Microsoft, Expedia, as well as various other preferred internet sites.

There's absolutely nothing more freeing than the
freedom of cash. While you can invest a Bitcoin without a intermediary, there
are several pitfalls to this option. You'll have the ability to spend it online
or offline. You can also get a Bitcoin debit card to spend
your cryptocurrency. Simply make sure you have a secure and also safe and secure place to store your coins.
There are a whole lot of people that count on the power of digital money,
but there are still lots of unknowns regarding it.

In comparison to various other digital currencies, bitcoin has numerous benefits.

It's the first cryptocurrency, it's still a little complex for lots
of individuals. The rate of Bitcoin is continuously rising, making it much more liquid than many various other money.

Given that bitcoin is a decentralized electronic currency, it
does not have a main financial institution, allowing anyone to deal it at will.
It's not backed by a federal government, and it's not
backed by a main financial institution. Consequently, it's
really simple to recognize and also make use of . It's like a
supply: Every deal is taped on a public journal. So, the amount of bitcoins in circulation depends on people's depend on.

As a digital currency, bitcoin is not regulated by any type of government or bank.
Its private codes are the only point that maintains it secure.
You'll never ever have to stress about your privacy with bitcoin, since no person will be able to trace
your on-line transactions. You can utilize
it as a settlement method when buying or offering . It's worth noting that it's not an option to cash or
charge card. But you can still deal things with it.

Bitcoin is an on-line digital money that functions on a peer-to-peer network.

Unlike typical money, bitcoin is decentralized, implying that there is no main bank or administrator.
Here are some important realities concerning bitcoin: First,
bitcoin is a worldwide, peer-to-peer network-- this suggests that you don't have to send
them to any person else.

While standard currencies can be mapped, bitcoin purchases are public and can't be relatively easy
to fix by the sender. Since bitcoin is a decentralized
electronic currency, it doesn't have a central bank, enabling anyone to purchase as well as market it at will.
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